“How am I ever going to get this all done?”

How often do you ask yourself this question?

Your business is booming. Your client base and revenue have skyrocketed. You’re alive with the excitement of new ideas and potential. You provide amazing services to your clients – that’s the fun
and easy part.

But Why is Running the Business so Much Work and Hard to Accomplish?

Do you feel like this?

My day is so full, I don’t have time to breathe
Managing my team takes up more time than if I did myself 
I keep trying multiple systems but can’t find any that I like
I’ve paid for training but they’re just sitting in my inbox
Where did that damn file go?! 

It is often not about doing more – it’s about doing the right things in the right way for YOU – your personal working style and how you naturally function.

This is why I developed the Function-ality™ assessment. Once we have identified
your working style, we can establish the necessary systems and structure your
work to support you and your personalized style.

Not only does this make you more productive, but it reduces your stress and makes
working easier, leading to more joy and fulfillment in your work.

What you may not realize is that some of the problems being focused and productive
are because you don’t know your personal working style and you’ve been trying to fit
into someone else’s mold and expectations of how you should work.

Let’s break out of that mold and forge your own clear pathway!

You are unmistakably ready to be more efficient and build on your present wins and
honor the business you’ve created. 

Every stage of business presents its own difficulties. You passed the first hurdles of
getting clients and money flowing in. Now you’re ready to double your clients and
revenue – without doubling your hours.

If you’re spending long hours putting out fires, managing the minutiae, and don’t seem
to have the free time that you dreamed of, it’s time to take yourself out of the equation.

Just imagine if you could:

  • Understand why working on some things are so hard for you and how to tap into your strongest abilities
  • Be confident you are focused and working on the right things to propel your business forward
  • Put all systems to good use so you can make more money with less overhead
  • Build a team that knows exactly what to do – without your intervention
  • Totally unplug on vacation knowing that your business is still running smoothly

The good news is… you can!

The Clear Pathway to Profit and Personal Freedom begins with learning your Function-ality™

Your Function-ality is your natural personality and way of functioning at work. Then with the Clear Pathway to Profit, you’ll streamline your work and get back to living again.

Together we’ll create a clear success pathway through proven productivity and organization strategies that are customized to how you naturally think and function in your day. I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all anything. Your business is as unique as you are.  

Using the CLEAR method, we’ll:

Capture and clarify your current situation using my proprietary Function-ality™ Assessment
Leverage your resources and systems for optimal efficiency
Establish a plan and create repeatable workflows
Activate the plan with guidance and accountability
Review and revise as needed – and reward yourself for all you’ve accomplished!

You started this business for flexibility – now it’s time to enjoy it.

Have we met before? I’m Lesley. I love building things. The idea of putting together lots of separate pieces, getting them to work in an organized way and seeing the big, beautiful structure really electrifies me!

15 years ago, I decided to take my best skills and experience and start my own business, I opened up a can of “Holy Smokes!” 

There’s a lot to do when running a business! Where’s my support staff?!

I mean there’s: Marketing, finances, development, client fulfillment, administration, creating new products… and I’m the only person in each of these departments!

All nestled on top of family, friends, home, pets, me… And of course each of these things has its own hundred item to-do list! 

As I grew and got busy, I felt like I was in the house of mirrors, but the fun was blotted out. Finally, I was left having to stare down my own face in all of those mirrors. You know what I saw? I was tired, weary, and something had to change. Anyone else feel like that?

Here’s what I did:  I pulled out my trusty planner, reviewed my situation, and developed the CLEAR Method.  Since then, I took back control of my business and my life.  And you can too. 

It’s time to be the productive, powerful, amazing boss self you already are, with me in your corner!

This is for you if:

  • You’re an established business in the 6 figure range
  • You believe your business is on the brink of going from good to great
  • You’re ready to dig down so you can build up
  • You’ve decided enough is enough – it’s time to get serious about big changes
  • You’re willing to invest in the future of your business

You have big goals.
Achieving them doesn’t have to be stressful.
I can get you there.

What’s Your Next Step? Decide.

It’s that simple!  Once you’ve decided to take a clear path instead of wasting time on inefficiencies and detours, you’re on your way.

Book a call now to optimize productivity, scale your business, and have the free time to reacquaint yourself with the world outside your office. And finally find that damn file!