My mission is to ease stress and overwhelm that comes with the daily challenges of running a business – Lesley Ingves.

Pictured is Lesley Ingves, Productivity Specialist and CEO of Clear Pathway, dedicated to reducing the stress and overwhelm of running a business.

Hi there – I am Lesley Ingves and I help entrepreneurs organize and streamline their business so they can scale, grow, and still have a life outside of their screen. To do this, they need to be able to spend less time putting out the fires and more time in their zone of genius, growing their business, and building the lifestyle they want.

Together, we create and establish customized solutions to manage your projects, team, and operations. I understand that there is a lot in your business that works well. We will identify those systems and build on them. There is no one size fits all system when it comes to running a successful business. This makes your work cohesive and creates a stable foundation for your business to run and grow.

I love systems and efficiency (it’s one of my superpowers), but I know that not everyone does. It’s often a challenging part of running your business. I recognize that we all think, grow and work a little differently. That is why I created my Function-ality Assessment to help you discover your natural working tendencies. Then, we can construct systems and teams that support you in a way that is easy and becomes effortless. No more fighting to force fit something that does not make sense or work for you.

I spent 25+ years managing construction development offices. I was involved in constructing large projects with budgets from $300million to over $1 billion. Seriously, I have built skyscrapers and city blocks! All of these projects were highly technical and fast paced and were completed within a 2-3 year timespan. Staying organized and planning were key to managing my operation and maintaining my sanity.

We all need balance in our lives, right?!

I am committed to aligning your work with your natural way of functioning.
I provide straight talk, tempered with understanding and fun!

Rethinking productivity one block at a time – it’s time to recover and rebuild.

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and allow you to breathe again?

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