Function-ality® Assessment

Welcome to your Function-ality® Assessment! With this tool you will learn your very own Function-ality® style to help you uncover your strengths and challenges for being as productive as you can be.

This will provide me with the information needed to define your innate work functioning type or personality.

Simply answer by your first instinct – don’t overthink this! There is no right or wrong answer, it reflects your natural tendencies and then we can identify the systems that will work best with you and make sense to you.

The following statements are to get a sense of you. Please rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 5. One is not you at all, while five is you all the way. 

Once you have completed this assessment, we will confer so you can get the full picture of how you are and can get work done.

Downloadable Function-ality® Assessment