Get personalized productivity recommendations based on your results of the Function-ality™ Assessment and productivity questionnaire. After analyzing your responses, I create your productivity recommendations according to how your Function-ality™ factors come together.

Your recommendations will take into account the way you work best, and help you align your workweek to be your most productive and confident that your systems are set up to help you manage your time, energy and keep you focused.

Personalized Productivity Recommendations and Review

How will these recommendations help?

This report is personalized to you, no cookie cutter responses. I personally read your answers and provide custom suggestions that you can implement immediately.

  • The report will describe what your specific combination of the Function-alities™ means for you
  • Your working strengths
  • Stumbling points
  • Best work strategy to easily be more productive
  • Suggestions of specific methods, apps and products to try
  • Prioritization methods that will help you get your most important work done

Then, we will meet over Zoom to review the findings, answer any questions you have and define your next steps. You will leave having a clear, full picture of how you work best and what things can support that.

Make this the first step to working happily, easily and getting a ton of stuff done!