One-day Business Optimization Small-group VIP Retreat 
With One Full Year of Unlimited Focused Coaching Support

Specifically designed for established service-based business owners and leaders ready to rethink productivity based on your natural working style.

Feeling overwhelmed, lost or chaotic in your business?
Go from overwhelmed to under control.  At last.

Don’t just take my word for it – Hear what this brilliant business owner has to say.

This was an epic game changer for me in terms of both knowing HOW to work best based on my own style and WHAT to work on to get things done well and with so much more ease. I have gone from <there> to [HERE] with what I experienced. Out of all the investments I have made in my business this was the one that I would say could not be left off the list were I to do it all again.

Brenda Crawshaw, SEO Maven, The Crawshaw Group

Systems create VALUE

They make running your business easier, protect you from burnout
and ensure that your business will be able to grow, adapt, and endure. 

Let’s build your systems so that you can:

  • Free up your time and energy 
  • Build consistency in your business
  • Make your clients feel like VIPs with solid systems
  • Keep your team support seamless – even new hires 
  • A solid “back end” gives you the stability you need, so you don’t get swept up when life changes happen

Have you been to other trainings where the information was so good, so helpful and you saw all the things you need to do to put your plan in place? 

Then… you got home, full of good intentions, but your notes sat on your desk and got pushed aside until the dust rendered them illegible. 

I have too! It’s frustrating to think I’ve spent so much time and money, then never fully utilized all I learned. 

This is why I’ve worked to ensure you will walk away with much more than a strategy or a plan. 

I’ve built in time to execute, implement, put into practice and make big inroads while it’s hot in your hands…and you’ll do it your way.  

Maybe you’ve got some systems in place, but they don’t all work well, or work well together. We’ll take a look and integrate or revamp them. #HandholdingAllowed 

This is for you if you are:

  • Overwhelmed by all the systems that you need to get in place and organized 
  • Hungry to move to the next level and need to get ready to grow
  • Not quite sure what your clients’ paths actually are or how to optimize them for their success
  • You know you need team support but don’t know what to give them or how to train them
  • Ready to make structural changes for long-term ease and growth. 
  • Fully committed to making the changes necessary. 

We all think differently. And that should be lauded and honored. So you don’t need to learn my way; we will build it all your way, based on how you work and learn.

We will break it all down into implementable steps and tame what my clients call the particles, the weeds, the details. After our year together, you will be living life in charge.

FourSquare Circle VIP Experience Overview:

  • Personalized Productivity Recommendations:
    Based on my signature Function-ality Assessment and Productivity Questionnaire that you fill out before our VIP day, I will write up customized, individualized recommendations. When you arrive at our VIP day, you’ll have them in hand for working in a way that aligns with your personality. 
  • Foursquare Circle VIP Day:
    A full day at the historic Woodstock Inn, Woodstock CT, with four curated, like-minded business owners, spending our time focused on “the back end” of your business… from planning to implementation. 
  • Entrepreneurial Study Hall: 
    Two scheduled hours each week of coworking, dedicated to implementation (Wednesday afternoons or Friday mornings). For a full year!
  • One full year of coaching:
    One year of unlimited 15-minute laser-focused coaching calls or zooms, support to ensure that your systems work as planned. #HandholdingIncuded
You want to get things organized and running smoothly, but your time is pulled in so many directions! And there’s always something “urgent” needing your attention.
I feel your pain.

Foursquare Circle VIP Experience is your answer

I know what it’s like. You’ve got some systems and you’re not comfortable turning some work over to your team because there isn’t a defined process to follow.

You love your business, yet the way it’s running – or limping – is driving you crazy. These are the typical growing pains that all entrepreneurs battle.

Manage yourself first and the rest will follow 

This retreat is the opportunity to step away from your business and step into your future as an organized, powerful business owner. This year will put you in a totally different space with your business. I promise.

What will it mean when you

  • Finally get your business operations organized and under control?
  • Step into your workday knowing the right things to focus on?
  • Have confidence your systems will work and support you and your clients?
  • Handle the blocks that keep you from being efficient?
  • Clearly define the next level of business you want to attain?
  • Leverage your successes and build upon those foundational pieces?
  • Define and step into your ideal executive role?

YOU NEED to take this workshop!
I had the pleasure to attend Lesley Ingves’ all day workshop yesterday — FourSquare Circle VIP Day. This was eye opening in how you WORK in your business and how you handle clients through the process of working with you. If you have a chance to take this workshop and are struggling with work/life balance or cultivating clients (AND MORE!) YOU NEED to take this workshop!

Deb Beck, BigBunny Marketing

Ready to save your spot? 

This retreat is designed to create a space for implementation and collaboration: getting shit done! 

It’s a chance to get out of your comfort zone, reset and focus on the things that are, and are not, working for your business.

Here’s what you’ll do at the Foursquare Circle VIP Day:

  1. Tackle the overall business operation focus: your client and their journey with your company (after all, it really runs to serve your clients, no?) We will map out your client’s journey, develop workflows and systems to manage how your business operates to serve them, and have time to implement and execute your plan.
  2. Gain a deeper understanding of how you naturally operate – your Function-ality™ and know how this affects your daily work and what kind of team you need to put into place to support you. With this information, get inspired and make massive mindset shifts towards productivity, money, and how it all fits into your life (not how your life fits into your business.) 
  3. Walk away with completed workflows and a clear plan for your next steps (not another gathering of ideas you have to implement later – this is about execution and getting it done!) 
  4. Spend time with incredible colleagues who support you and understand the business journey.
  5. Get spoiled at the beautiful Woodstock Inn with gourmet food, bucolic scenery, and time to renew (just say ‘ahhhh’).
  6. Gather from 9am – 5pm for focused, lovingly directed work on your systems. We work in 90-minute increments then clear our heads with a walk on the grounds or maybe trade jokes or sing a little something. (laughter and fun are built in, but please, I’ll pass on limericks, haha!)
The Inn at Woodstock

What’s included?

Prior To This Phenomenal Day:

You fill out a productivity questionnaire and the Function-ality™ Assessment. One about your goals and current productivity set-up and one about your work style. 

Based on your responses, I will prepare your Personalized Productivity Recommendations Report for you (you will receive it on the VIP day): your personalized system and recommended tools for managing your time, energy and focus. Free up hours of time each week to do what really matters in your business and life!

During our VIP Day:

  • We Create your strong foundation by clearly defining your business goals and your Function-ality™ and design a platform for decision-making about how to spend your time, energy and focus.
  • We analyze your workload and systematically Eliminate, Optimize, or Outsource everything that does not serve your goals.
  • We map your Client Journey Pathway, identifying the systems in your business that support and enhance their steps.
  • We form Workflows and implement the processes
  • We Build a Task Action Plan to stay on track and create long-lasting change in your business and life.

I Won’t Leave You Hanging After The Day:

  • You get a full year of unlimited, 15-minute focused coaching sessions, and email access to me to iron out details, resolve any roadblocks that arise, and stay accountable to your own success #HandholdingAllowed
  • Entrepreneurial Study Hall: exclusive implementation sessions each week for a full year to get things accomplished, and that precious time to get-it-done.

Not sure if this is right for you?
Book a call with me to discuss your goals and expectations to
see if the Foursquare Circle VIP Day is a fit (no strings attached.) 

You’ll Walk Away With:

A crystal clear understanding about how you work and who should support you in achieving your most important goals – based on your Function-ality™ and goals

Your personalized template for your week customized to how you prioritize your time, energy and focus – it’ll be the perfect fit for you!

A complete Client Journey Pathway for your business showing exactly how you walk clients through the process of working with you. This signature process is the primary foundation to develop the procedures to streamline how your business functions and flows.

Clear workflows to effectively setup and manage your business, these are the steps that demonstrate how things should work so you can set up specific processes.

A step-by-step action plan to implement and keep your life and business on track.

Built-in accountability to ensure your implementation and stability.

This workshop was amazing! I am still in deep thought and awareness about all that I learned from just one day with Lesley and this group! I feel like I went through a week’s training in just one day and lightbulbs and “ah hah” moments are still surfacing. I feel empowered and excited to start establishing some much needed systems for my business and the way I work, and now I know the first steps to do that. And such a beautiful place to have this experience too! All the little details Lesley put into the day really did make me feel like a VIP!

Rebecca Gold – Yogic Writing

But putting out fires is so exciting! Is this really for me?
Yes! But only if:

You are serious about getting it together and getting it done. You’ve decided the time is now to get your business operating in an organized mode that allows you to scale without burning out.

It’s hard to find the time to work on the things that REALLY matter and have an impact on building your business. Weeks pass and you never get the chance to sit down and do them. Or when you finally get in the swing, a fire blazes up that demands your attention. 

You know you are wearing too many hats. You love what you do, but you can no longer live feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and unsupported. This was supposed to be about freedom and fulfillment. 

It seems like forever since you had fun and relaxation time without worrying about what still needs to be done.

You have been struggling to put systems into place and hire team members to support you.  It seemed like a good idea, but when it’s implemented, or turned over to an assistant, it didn’t work the way you wanted. So you go back to doing everything yourself. This vicious cycle has got to end! 

You’re running on a self-created hamster wheel. You are frustrated with working hard and being busy every day, but always feeling you are running behind. You set time to work on the important things but find yourself constantly reacting to issues and questions that arise and something swallows this time up. You want your business to work like a well-oiled machine, but that seems like a pipe-dream. 

You know what you want and are ready to upgrade – you just don’t know how you’ll get there. Your plan and dream are mired in the fog of your to-do list. It’s frustrating and is taking a toll on your wellbeing. 

You are ready to invest the time and money to get this sorted out and commit to lasting changes NOW. #HandholdingIncluded

Your business’ bedrock is made up of the systems you put in place. Systems create value. They ensure that your business will be able to grow, adapt, and endure. 


Why groups of four?

The feeling of isolation for many entrepreneurs is real. Especially now. I created Foursquare to bring together like-minded businesswomen to get intensive: time for individual attention, opportunity for collaboration, and supportive masterminding.

This getaway takes the typical coaching VIP day a step further and focuses on your unique position in the business world as a business owner. Fellow colleagues are your greatest allies and the synergy of the group is inspirational. Together we share and understand the struggles, sacrifices, and private needs of entrepreneurs.

What does the day look like?

We meet from 9 am to 5 pm in a lovely room at an upscale Inn in beautiful northwestern Connecticut. Each member has their own table to both social distance and have the room spread out and be creative.

The morning session is devoted to time management and developing a structured schedule that allows for the important work you need to do and time to do things outside of work, aka: have a life.

Refreshments will be available during the morning, and we will take breaks to enjoy the grounds (weather, please permit!). 🌞 We will have plenty of time to get to know one another and create lasting relationships.

A gourmet seasonal luncheon will be served in our private room, or outdoors (again, Ms. Weather, please?!) The Inn will offer four choices, taking any dietary restrictions into account, and you make your lunch choice the week before.

The afternoon session is devoted to the Client Journey Pathway and putting into place some of the systems and pieces that are needed to fulfill that design. Yes, actual implementation, execution, get-it-done time!

You will leave with the satisfaction of having accomplished so much!

Can I bring a team member?

This VIP day is exclusive to the four members. It is expected that there may be discussions related to business matters that are confidential. However, throughout the day I will sit with you individually in the room to answer your individual questions or work through a specific block. If you’d like to have a team member zoom in with you, you may during your focused time with me.

What’s your refund policy?

Once you reserve your spot in a curated, exclusive group there are no refunds. However, you can reschedule.

What’s a Foursquare Circle?

A foursquare is a colonial quilting pattern based on the simplicity of four square pieces of fabric. The creativity comes in how those squares were joined together and laid out for an overall design. A definition of foursquare is: “something that is standing squarely and solidly” and “forthright, marked by boldness and conviction.” That speaks to me!

Women would gather to work on their projects together, share skills, and be supportive. This was called a quilting circle. The women who meet together in this Foursquare Circle VIP Day display these qualities in work and life. They are choosing to boldly build their business on a solid foundation and put their own creative touch on the overall design.

What my 25+ years managing construction projects can do for YOU:

Hi, I’m Lesley Ingves, Business Productivity and Management Specialist. I help time-starved business owners simplify running their businesses, rethinking productivity by embracing their natural working style and reducing the blocks that keep them from being efficient.

During my 25+ year career managing construction development offices (where I learned many of my best jokes!), I managed the construction of skyscrapers and city blocks. I built systems that allowed me to access everything: federal building permits, lists of which contractors, architects, and designers were working on the project, even which light switch plate design was slated for installation. I thrived on it! My experience provides a perspective and skillset of organization and efficiency not typically available to entrepreneurs.

I am now the Executive Owner of an in-demand coaching business, and use my proprietary approach to help business owners identify their unique work style, use this insight to full advantage, and build on that foundation to bring more ease and joy to running their businesses.  

“I can’t wait to see you soar!”

I place a high value on accountability and integrity – but also humor and wit. I use my vast experience optimizing multi-million dollar construction projects to help entrepreneurs find the gaps in their processes and draw out a blueprint for operations that will allow you to scale efficiently and know in advance that you are ready. 

I’ve been called intense, but I also love a good pun or a bad joke (and I know a lot of them!)😉 Ever heard the one about ….

I can’t wait to be in this exclusive country setting with you, supporting your systems so that you feel like the Executive that you are. 

Talk with me today about the Foursquare Circle VIP Day with you and 3 other curated entrepreneurs who know what it feels like to walk in your shoes.