Focus Action Coaching

Yes Lesley! I Want Unlimited Focus Action Coaching and Entrepreneurial Study Hall Time to Implement For One Full Year!

(I’m ready right now! Let me make my one time payment of $2997 – less than $250 per month for everything!)

Lesley Ingves, creator of the game changing focus action coaching program for entrepreneurs.

Welcome! so excited that you are ready to dig in and finally start getting stuff off your to-do list and go from overwhelmed to under control! It’s your time to rethink your productivity, stay on track, and accomplish your goals.

The Focus Action Coaching program is for service-based small business owners who have been in business for a while now and have things going well – in some ways.  

There is a steady flow of clients, and your programs are getting them results. Yet, you’re swamped. Right? If we looked at your list of to-do’s, I’m sure I’d be feeling overwhelmed, too. Let me guess, you’ve got:

  • Client work 
  • Networking 
  • Posting 
  • Writing 
  • Creating new services
  • Researching the information you need now 
  • Recreating forms and documents you couldn’t find (where is that damned file?) 

I’m sure this is only a partial list! And each of these things is only partially done. There’s so many projects left undone, unusable, and hanging in the back of your mind.

Realizing something has to change if you’re going to achieve your goals with your business and still have a life is the first step. You are in the right place to be able to do something about it!

You’ve tried to power through all your work and were left exhausted. 

  • You bought new programs, and they just didn’t make sense to you. This left you questioning yourself
  • You tried hiring someone and realized you were wasting money because you didn’t know how or what to delegate to them. This made you both frustrated and angry

What you may not recognize is that some of these problems are because you don’t know your personal working style and you’ve been trying to fit into someone else’s mold and expectations of how you should work. 

Let’s break out of that mold and forge your own clear pathway! 

You are unmistakably ready to be more efficient and build on your present wins and honor the business you’ve created. 

Time to go from Overwhelmed to Under Control! 


Here’s the thing. You already have lots of ideas, skills, and knowledge. Some are built out into actual plans, some are not. Many other coaching courses are all about strategy and plans. What they often fail to do is help you get down into the weeds and build out the tasks that need to be done to put that plan into place. 

In the year-long Focus Action coaching, you will be IMPLEMENTING and EXECUTING on the ideas and plans you already have.  

Knowledge is not power. Implementation is power. ~ Garrison Wynn 

All the ideas, plans, strategies, and opportunities don’t do a thing for you and your business until they are worked, completed, and used. 

This is the place where actual progress is made. 

When you’ve been working in the mud for so long, taking any step can feel a little overwhelming, but don’t worry, I’ve got your back. This doesn’t mean you will be learning to do things my way. We will build it all your way, based on how you work and learn. 

The first thing is to learn your Function-ality™ my exclusive method to assess your natural working style. Your functioning personality while you work.

Identifying your work style means you can: 

  • Work more efficiently and naturally. Just this alone will reduce your stress levels. 
  • Always know what you should be working on because you will have prioritized the high impact tasks. 
  • Clearly define the next level of business you want to attain and have a plan to achieve it. 
  • Leverage all you’ve already accomplished and built upon those foundational pieces. We’re not recreating the wheel, we’re improving it! 
  • Save time, money and energy by maintaining focus on highest value work. 
  • Effectively delegate to and lead your team so things get done the way you want them to. 
  • Establish and celebrate habits of productivity that work for you! 

Take a deep breath.  

Yes, all of this is possible for you and can happen without turning your business upside down.  When you have the necessary support, tools and time to succeed, you are able to devote more time and attention to what you are inspired to do: provide exceptional services to your clients. 

  • In Focus Action Coaching, my job as your coach is to keep you on track by holding you accountable. 
  • I bring an impartial voice to help you stay focused on your needs and goals. 
  • When your motivation runs low, I’m here to help build you up. 
  • I’ll also call you out on your self-limiting habits. Yes, I’ll tell you what you need to hear! 

 Does it really work? Here’s what others have said about their experience: 

  • “It got me to the point where I get so much more accomplished with less internal friction.” 
  • “It allowed me to really focus on the points in my business that are the most important.” 
  • “I’m so happy to know you have my back and I have a place to really focus and get my sh*t done!” 

This year-long program is elegant in its simplicity. Here’s how it works: 

  • This is live one-on-one coaching with Lesley. We meet by video or phone and agree on homework or tasks to complete to move me forward. 
  • You can schedule as many 15-minute laser coaching sessions as you wish over the next year, but you must complete the action items before scheduling the next session.  
  • You can join either the Wednesday or the Friday Entrepreneurial Study Hall for 2-hours of weekly implementation co-working time to work on your action items and other projects. 
  • All of this for one full year of my personalized support! 

But how do I know what to work on? 

During our initial 2-hour bonus kick-off session, we’ll map out your CLEAR plan: 

  1. Clarify –  your productivity style and blocks – so you can start working to your strengths and be more effective. 
  2. Leverage – your resources and foundational systems – so you can build on what is already in place and make it work better for you. 
  3. Evaluate – what is and isn’t working – so the right adjustments can be made to make running your business more efficient. 
  4. Accountability – set a path of action – this is the plan we’ll agree upon for  you follow for the focused action coaching 
  5. Reaffirm and Reward – recognize your progress. Entrepreneurship is a long journey. It’s not just about reaching goals, it’s also about enjoying the path to those goals! 

This sets the stage for the homework we agree you will work on. Once you’ve completed that homework, you schedule your next 15-minute accountability session, and we discuss your progress and set up your next steps. Quick, easy and forward moving! 

You will understand how you naturally work, so your work will no longer feel like a hard push, you’ll get into a more effortless flow.   

Imagine yourself a year from now. Take a moment and envision how much more you have accomplished and all the things that will do for you and your life! Those projects that keep getting put on the backburner will finally get done! This means you can sell your new offers! Completed those courses you’ve purchased and now have improved skills to meet your client needs. And in the process, maybe re-introduce yourself to the family! 

Instead of trying to get it all done, you will get the important things done that make a real and lasting impact. 

Let’s get you accomplishing instead of dreaming. Align you and how you work with what you want to get done, build routine and hold the time and place to achieve the things you want! 

So, if you’re saying “Oh Yeah! This is what I need!” and are ready to have a full year of accountability and, kicking the heck out of your to-do list, just click the “I’m ready to focus!” button and we’ll get started!